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Worker drilling hole into concrete block using TE 60-22 rotary hammer and VC 10-22 vacuum cleaner

Discover SDS Max Rotary Hammers

The heavy-duty power you need – with cordless flexibility

Carrying out drilling, chipping, channeling and medium-duty demolition jobs in tough concrete and masonry? You need the power and performance of SDX Max. But tough work shouldn't mean hard work. That's why our flagship SDS Max tools weigh less and come with anti-vibration technology to help reduce fatigue and keep you working longer.

And with the Nuron cordless platform, you can run your heavy-duty rotary hammer on a 22V system that delivers exceptional run time and more power than other higher voltage platforms on the market.

Worker cutting a rebar with an Angle Grinder causing sparks

Discover Cordless Angle Grinders

Grinding, cutting and finishing with portable, powerful tools

You need all-day grinding in metal, concrete and stone but could do without the hassle of extension cords. Our solution: cordless angle grinders with impressive power, unique safety features, comfortable handling and flexibility wherever you're working.

And with our new Nuron cordless platform, you get a faster, safer and smarter tool for an even more productive jobsite.

Worker using SF 6H-22 3rd generation Nuron cordless hammer drill driver with B22-85 battery and spade bit in wood

Cordless Drills and Hammer Drill Drivers

All-day performance for a broad range of jobs

Whether you're fastening finicky screws overhead or hammer-drilling through masonry, our cordless drill drivers offer the ideal balance of power, weight and size for more performance with less fatigue.

And with our next-generation Nuron tools, you get increased speed, longer run times and improved comfort.

a worker uses a cordless vacuum cleaner to remove dust from demolition work

Discover Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Quick clean-up and greater dust control with portable convenience

You can't avoid making dust, but you can control it – no matter where you're working. Our HEPA-ready cordless vacuum cleaners help enable cleaner, safer and more efficient OSHA-compliant jobsites.

And thanks to the power and flexibility of the Nuron platform, you can now achieve cordless wet-and-dry dust extraction even where electrical power isn't available.

Collar for cold MIP-T / -M / -H - The one with quick closing

Collar for cold MIP-T / -M / -H - The one with quick closing

Our MIP-T, -M und -H cold collars now with a reworked quick closure and many more sizes. So that you can be flexible and always reliably fix cold water and cooling pipes at ambient temperatures from -50 °C to +110 °C.

You will immediately be faster in assembly thanks to the optimized three-level quick closure, the so-called crocodile closure, for which you need only one screw. Thanks to the self-adhesive closure it is even possible to mount the insulating body with a single maneuver.


Introducing the HUS4 Screw Anchor

Introducing the HUS4 Screw Anchor

Taking screw anchors to the next level

The new Hilti HUS4 screw anchor improves setting in the toughest concrete conditions while keeping ultimate performance making installation even faster. 

  • Robust: Easier handling and setting with less blocking thanks to reduced core diameter and new thread design. Use your drill bit for more fastening point than ever before!
  • Adjustable, Removable, Reusable: Can be reused more times and has higher performance in fresh concrete compared to standard screws.
  • Faster Installation: 2x faster installation vs. regular stud anchors. No cleaning and no torque moment required!

HUS4 screw anchor

HUS4 Screw anchors

Drilling, whipping, done. Now HUS4 screw anchors can do even more The offer of screw anchors has been expanded to allow you more applications while maintaining proven quality. These advantages of the next generation of screw anchors will convince you:

  • higher loads, pre-installed use and remote mounting possible. This is thanks to new lengths, diameters and immediately also thanks to the external thread.
  • Fast and safe laying even in the hardest concrete. It does not freeze in harsh conditions, for example, in the hardest concrete.
  • Without cleaning the perforated holes in all directions of laying. Cleaning of perforated holes is no longer necessary in all directions of laying: wall, floor or ceiling.
Learn more about HUS4-C 8 screw anchors Learn more about HUS4-H 10 screw anchors
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Improved robustness for enhanced productivity

Hilti’s new and improved TE-CX drill bit continues to be the best drill bit on the market, but with even more features that take its performance to the next level. PGM and ANSI compliant and covered by the Hilti Warranty, the TE-CX is 4x more robust than its predecessor when drilling into reinforced concrete, as well as boasting 40%+ more drilling performance in rebar.

The new head material gives you higher wear resistance, whilst the head-helix connection ensures effective dust extraction for faster drilling. Combined with the unique Temperature-Controlled Resistance welding and the patented ultrasonic shot peening technology, the drill bit has a high degree of mechanical robustness and breakage resistance.

TE 3000-AVR

TE 3000-AVR Electric Jackhammer

Break through with innovation and experience elevated power and performance.

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Diamond drilling made easy


We have made diamond drilling so simple, that just one person can start coring and go all day.

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