Build your business with advanced solutions

How can your company take advantage of major construction industry trends like digitalization, automation and green building? And what is the best way to stay competitive in the face of challenges like a shortage of skilled labor? Discover how we can help make your company future-ready with innovative and connected products, software and services designed for every phase of your building projects.

Sustainability in Construction

Choose sustainable solutions

Sustainability is becoming crucial to the future success of construction businesses. We can help you decrease your carbon footprint in the construction phase, increase energy efficiency during the operational phase, and help ensure a healthier, safer environment for your buildings. We are re-engineering and re-formulating building components according to green certification criteria, and our products and solutions can help you optimize work processes and designs to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency.

Sustainability in Construction Circularity
Hilti Jaibot

Embrace new technologies

Jobsite digitization and automation are becoming key drivers of construction productivity. Leveraging digital planning with BIM will help you avoid project delays by highlighting potential issues before they arise. This, in turn, will help minimize on-site improvisation and simplify documentation. Digital solutions such as concrete sensors, total stations and the semi-automated Jaibot drilling robot also help add speed and accuracy to your jobsite workflows.

BIM design and modeling services

Make your business leaner

Are you looking to streamline your business processes? Our electronic B2B procurement system, flexible shipping options and advanced logistics solutions all help simplify doing business with us. When you choose our tool Fleet Management service, you get access to the latest connected tools for an all-inclusive monthly price – giving you greater control over your costs. And with our ON!Track equipment management system, you’ll enjoy powerful tool crib and inventory management.

Delivery options Tool Fleet Management ON!Track digital equipment management

Reduce reliance on skilled labor

New technologies and installation methods are here to stay. Choose tools and processes that can help speed up your construction projects, reduce your reliance on skilled labor and protect your teams. Our solutions range through direct fastening systems that eliminate the need for anchoring and welding to smart diamond drilling systems and the EXO-01 wearable exoskeleton, which is designed to help reduce fatigue during overhead work.

Solutions for simpler fastening

Extend your business reach

Position your company for a more profitable future by tendering more and subcontracting less. Through adding services such as firestop installation and diamond coring, your business can diversify and experience growth. You can count on us for practical training for your team, as well as strategies on how to adopt productivity-boosting methodologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM).




Managing different power sources and cordless battery systems across multiple locations can be a headache – not to mention costly and time-consuming.

With Nuron, you can run all your tools on one cordless platform – from impact drivers to breakers. You'll need fewer batteries and chargers on the jobsite and you can reduce your reliance on tools that run on other power sources.