Hilti tool service center

Fast repair service within 5 business days

Repair within 5 days of your power tools

Hilti tool service center

At Hilti, we are working to repair your tools within 5 business days.

The tools will be collected directly from the job site and returning to the job site.

Contact us by phone or the online form below and we will do the rest.

How long does it take to repair the tools?

Unique speed – our 5-day tool repair service

  • Most of the tools that arrive at the tool service center are repaired the same day.
  • We offer collection and return of tools directly to the job site at no cost.
  • Our highly trained and certified Hilti engineers carry out our repairs.
  • We only use our own Hilti original parts.


Unique simplicity – just contact us and we’ll do the rest

  • Just contact us on.
  • No registration or proof of purchase is ever required.

The cost of the repairs at HILTI

Unique coverage – clear warranties and repair costs

Zero cost phase

  • Most of Hilti tools are repaired at no cost in the first two years of purchase.
  • After the end of Zero cost phase, you pay for repairs, but repair costs are capped to a maximum 35% of the tool list price.

6 month warranty on paid repairs

  • In every repair at Hilti, we ensure the complete integrity of the power tools and give a full 6 month warranty on every paid repair.
  • Contact your local Hilti team for more information. We’re always happy to help onsite, online or on the phone.

*All tools are covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

*Some of the tools and accessories are not subject to the warranty coverage listed above.


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