We help make construction sites safer and more productive

Health and safety at Hilti


We understand how hazardous construction sites can be, whether you’re working at heights or in difficult-to-get-to corners.

That is why we are designing tools to prevent accidents and to protect the health of workers using them. This keeps construction sites safer but it also saves time onsite, keeping builds productive and on time.

Our innovative technologies are designed to help with:

Hilti dust removal system (DRS) TE DRS-Y


Our Dust Removal Systems (DRS) vacuum dust efficiently right at its source. We also offer alternative working methods such as direct fastening.

Hilti active vibration reduction (AVR) TE 1000-AVR breaker

Hand arm vibration

Hilti Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) reduces vibration by two-thirds compared to conventional tools. It also helps to avoid related health problems and allows our tools to be used for longer.

Hilti TE 6-A36 rotary hammer

Working at heights

Working at heights is one of the most common causes of injury in the construction industry. Our systems can help, including Hilti’s Active Torque Control (ATC) technology, cordless power tools, the DX pole tool, rapid “twist and lock” installation channel assembly systems and Hilti laser measuring and alignment tools.

More information on Active Torque Control (ATC)

Hilti SID 8-A22 impact driver

Ergonomic products

All our products are designed to be ergonomic.

Hilti TE 60-ATC combihammer

Noise reduction

Noise onsite is a serious risk to hearing loss, and we are continually working to reduce the noise levels of our tools and technologies.

Hilti advanced layout training onsite


Health and safety is very important to us at Hilti. We design our technologies to keep our customers safe as well as productive.

But we are also convinced that international standards for health and safety are needed for the whole of the construction industry worldwide.

That is why we are working with our customers, partners and leading trade bodies and businesses to build common guidelines and goals.

We have joined ENCORD, which is a wide network of European construction companies, researchers and developers and a great platform to discuss and launch new ways of keeping construction sites safe.

We’ve also established the HSE Manager Conference, which is a shared platform for the construction industry, where we can share experiences, best practice and talk through the needs of our customers.