Increase construction speed

End-to-end solutions for faster workflows

Staying productive isn’t always easy. Unplanned costs, inefficient processes and a shortage of skilled labor can all lead to project delays. Discover how you can overcome these common challenges and improve the productivity of your construction business with tools, software and service solutions designed to help you power through your building projects at every stage — from design to the jobsite.

Streamline your workflows

Outdated methods and equipment could be holding you back from meeting project deadlines and taking on more work. Get assistance speeding up your construction workflows, reducing downtime and avoiding rework with high-performing systems that combine intuitive software, cutting-edge tools and quality inserts and accessories.

Use services that keep you working

Not having the tools and equipment you need can lead to downtime, higher costs and even penalties. We can help with excellent product availability, flexible delivery options and rapid tool repair services. Need help with product selection or have questions about your project? Our dedicated account managers, field engineers and customer service teams can help. If you already know what you want, simply order online or via the Hilti app. Regular customers can even enjoy automated ordering with our B2B eProcurement service.

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Train for the future

With skilled labor at a premium in the construction industry, it can be difficult to attract the right people and keep them motivated to stay. This is why Hilti solutions are designed to be easy-to-use even for unskilled while improving the performance of your professional teams. To help employees keep skills up-to-date, we run a wide range of training and certification courses.

Incorporate technology onsite

Advanced technologies are set to be one of the key drivers of construction productivity in coming years. Our high-tech solutions range from the Jaibot drilling robot for MEP installation to advanced measuring systems that enable rapid one-person jobsite layout based on digital plans.

Optimize planning processes

Want to increase efficiency in how you define, design and document quality technical solutions? Partner with us early in the design phase of your project for expert engineering support. Work with our PROFIS Engineering design software for high quality documentation, clear engineering drawings and BoM. And use building information modeling (BIM), to access productivity boosters such as prefabrication services, BIM-powdered robotics for MEP installation, faster layout with Field2BIM and easier documentation generation.

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