Cordless Demolition Hammers

Now even your biggest demolition tools can go cordless thanks to Nuron. See the full range of battery-powered chipping hammers, jackhammers and SDS breakers here

Now even your biggest demolition tools can go cordless thanks to Nuron. See the full range of battery-powered chipping hammers, jackhammers and SDS breakers here
TE 500-22 Cordless chipping hammer Cordless SDS Max (TE-Y) demolition and chipping hammer with Active Vibration Reduction for chiseling concrete or masonry (Nuron battery platform)

Cordless demolition hammers

For small to medium floor and wall breaking and demolition jobs

Whether you're working with concrete, masonry, tiles or plaster, this light and slim range of demolition hammers and breakers gets the job done. Thanks to the 22V Nuron cordless tool platform you get the same powerful demolition performance as similar-sized or larger corded tools, with all the flexibility of cordless.

Balance performance with comfort, control and safety

Performance without compromise

With our breakers on the Nuron platform, you can get the same performance as corded tools.

One battery platform for your tools

Run all your tools – including your heavy-duty breakers – on the same high-performing 22V Nuron cordless tool platform.

Cordless independence on the jobsite

Limited access to an external power supply? No problem. Enjoy more jobsite flexibility with cordless demolition tools.

Safer demolition work

Get virtually dust-free drilling with our dedicated dust removal system (DRS), and help reduce fatigue with lower tool vibration.

Controlled floor demolition

For small to medium jobs – break up to 1.5 tons of concrete on a single charge

Weighing almost 10kg less than similar breakers, the TE 2000-22 cordless jackhammer is ideal for demolition jobs where handling, tool control and mobility are crucial. It's perfect for concrete thickness up to 20cm in tasks like floor demolition, cutting channels for pipes, and precision removal of heavy paving. All that with tool vibration of only ~4,0 m/s², helping reduce fatigue.

With our Nuron 22V battery technology, one charge of our biggest Nuron battery (B22-255) lets you demolish half a ton of concrete. If you use the optional large battery case with four extra B22-255 batteries you can demolish up to 1.5 tons on one charge.

Powerful wall breaking

Get the performance of corded with virtually no dust and low tool vibration

Our TE 500-22 cordless wall breaker on the Nuron battery platform can perform a wide variety of wall chipping and demolition functions, where control is crucial but you don't want to compromise on performance. The TE 500-22 can match the power of comparable corded demolition hammers, plus you can get virtually dust-free drilling thanks to its compatibility with Hilti’s DRS-B dust removal system. That, paired with the TE 500-22’s low tool vibration ​of only 6.7 m/s2, means you can work longer and more comfortably.

More demolition, less dust

Virtually dust-free demolition with the TE DRS-B dust removal system

Collect up to 95% of dust when breaking with the TE 500 chipping hammer and the TE 2000 jackhammer - simply attach the TE DRS-B Dust Removal System and a compatible cordless Hilti vacuum cleaner like the Nuron VC 5-22 and Nuron VC 10-22 for an almost dustless jobsite.

Enjoy safer working conditions when doing indoor renovation work, or when working in critical environments where clean surroundings are crucial, such as rooms that are in use, hospitals, laboratories or production lines.