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Power Tools

See how our power tools are designed for higher productivity and durability: rotary hammers, breakers, diamond coring tools, grinders and saws

Rotary Hammers SDS-Plus
Find out how SDS Plus (TE-C) rotary hammers are designed for higher performance and handling comfort in concrete drilling and light chiseling
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Rotary Hammers SDS-Max
Find out how our SDS Max (TE-Y) rotary hammers are designed for high performance and low maintenance in heavy-duty concrete drilling and chiseling
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Demolition Hammers & Breakers
Find out how our breakers are designed for higher productivity, reduced vibration and dust exposure in heavy-duty concrete demolition and chiseling
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Drill Drivers & Screw Drivers
Find out how our drills and hammer drills are designed for higher performance and handling comfort in light- to heavy-duty drilling in wood and metal
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Impact Drivers & Wrenches
Find out how our impact drivers and wrenches are designed for longer run time and higher performance in light to heavy-duty driving and bolting
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Grinders & Sanders
Find out how our grinders and sanders are designed for increased productivity and performance when cutting or grinding concrete and metal
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Gas Saws
Find out how our gas saws are designed for fast operation when cutting concrete and metal, as well as simplified, self-service maintenance
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Find out how our saws are designed to excel at heavy-duty cutting and demolition in metal, wood, drywall, masonry and other materials
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Diamond Cutting & Slitting Tools
Find out how our diamond cutting and slitting tools are designed for easy handling when cutting, slitting and chasing in concrete and masonry
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Diamond Coring Machines
Find out how our diamond coring machines are designed for high productivity when hand-held or rig-based, wet or dry, and light or heavy-duty coring
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Diamond Wire & Wall Saws
Find out how our diamond wall and wire saws are designed for easy handling in structural alteration and heavy concrete demolition
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Dust Management & Vacuum Cleaners
Find out how Hilti Dust Management Solutions will minimize dust and help keep your jobsite clean
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Find out how our cordless adhesive dispensers can help you get more done in less time and reduce waste
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Jobsite Lights & Radios
Find out how our jobsite lights and radios can improve working conditions
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Batteries & Chargers
Find out how our batteries and chargers are designed to provide our tools with higher performance and run time
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