Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel software and engineering advice

Hilti anchor channel design

Anchor systems are used to fix brackets to many applications including:

  • Curtain walls and façades
  • Elevator appliances, such as guide rails
  • Mechanical and electrical installations

But designing anchor channel systems can be very complex.

The calculations you need, according to ESR 3520 (based on AC232), can contain up to 27 different verifications for 3D loading and load combinations.


Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel software

Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel design software has been developed to simplify 3D loading and load calculations.

It’s based on a wide range of design methods.

It includes international codes ACI, EOTA, CEN, SA-TS101. Or you can design using our own Hilti design methods – based on more than 60 years of research into anchor fastenings.

Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel is designed to save you time and includes:

  • Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel’s geometry adjustment feature – designed to find solutions faster
  • Custom geometry function – so you can input custom plates
  • Optimization functions – to help you to find the right solution for your application
  • User-friendly graphics – based on Hilti PROFIS Anchor graphics user interface
  • Real time calculations – to immediately show the effect of changes to the system
  • Reports containing detailed calculation results – so you can trace verifications with design formulae and links to chapters of the design codes
  • Detailed references and explanations of design parameters
  • Links to our Hilti BIM/CAD libraries

Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel is used all over the world and has designed core elements of major structures and skyscrapers in Hong Kong, China, the Middle East and the United States.


If you need help with your design, we also offer local Hilti engineering advice. Our Hilti design engineers can help you with your design on the jobsite or from the office.

Contact your local Hilti team for more information and we’ll be happy to help.