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Features & Applications

  • Built-in target camera to easily locate the laser point outdoors
  • Save thousands of measuring results with the 4 GB built-in memory – streamlines the recording of survey data and reduces opportunities for mistakes
  • Export measurements to a report (PDF), spreadsheet (CSV) or photo (JPG) for easy and efficient documentation production
  • Bluetooth and USB interface – instantly send measurements to colleagues and other devices from anywhere
  • Free software updates downloadable from the PC utility software available from
  • Collecting and documenting measurements while preparing an estimation or quotation for a jobsite or materials purchase
  • Checking and documenting correct completion of measurements to specification or for documentation of issues
  • Documentation of areas too complex for paper sketches by taking precise measurements and adding these as segments directly into a photo
  • Taking estimated measurements of places difficult to access safely and quickly either using SW-supported indirect funtions or the new “Measure from Photo” feature
  • Measuring heights to ceilings and long distances (one-person operation) in situations where using conventional methods is difficult or impossible

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