201906 SIW 9-A22 Application

High torque cordless impact wrench

The SIW 9-A22 ¾” high torque impact wrench gives you corded performance with cordless flexibility

With a robust metal gearbox housing and a 3/4" high-strength steel through hole anvil, the SIW 9-A22 gets your heavy duty applications done.

Developed to meet the demands of the jobsite







201906 SIW 9-A22 Application

High Torque for bolting applications in structural steel

With a rated torque of 800Nm, the SIW 9-A22 can be used for structural bolting applications tightening bolts up to M24 in size. The gearbox housing and high-strength ¾” anvil make the tool robust enough for jobsite conditions.

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Designed to increase accessibility and control

The slim diameter and integrated LED lights of the SIW 9-A22 make it easier to work in small spaces, while the handle and trigger have been developed to improve control for applications such as tightening pipe flange bolts. 

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New double hammer mechanism reduces vibrations

For setting larger diameter screw anchors such as the Hilti HUS3-H14 and Hilti HUS3-H10 we developed the double hammer mechanism that reduces vibrations, helping to increase safety in serial applications when working in concrete. 

201906 SIW 9-A22 Application

Features that help increase safety and productivity

Helping ensure operator and jobsite safety, the SIW 9-A22 uses an E-Spring that connects in a through-hole in the anvil to keep sockets in place, an additional retaining strap can be used to protect if the tool is accidentally dropped.

Why the need for a high torque impact wrench?

SIW 9-A22 High impact torque wrench

It’s impossible to overstate the impact that cordless power tools have had in the construction, mechanical and engineering industries, and the cordless impact wrench is no exception.

Unlike cordless drill drivers and impact drivers, which excel at drilling holes and driving screws, the impact wrench is specially designed for tightening and loosening various hex-head bolts, nuts and lag screws. The difference with an impact wrench it that it uses both rotational force (torque) and short-burst concussive blows or impacts which are measured in mili seconds, to deliver high power in a small tool. The tool uses a clever housing design so that the reaction force is absorbed in the housing, which allows operators to perform can do one-handed operations.

The Hilti advantage

The Hilti range of cordless impact wrenches, which includes the SIW 22T-A and SIW 6AT-A22, has been expanded to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications. The new SIW 9-A22 cordless impact wrench has more than enough muscle and performance for heavy-duty bolting and anchoring applications in steel, concrete and wood.

The SIW 9-A22 has a high-strength steel ¾” anvil with a 'through-hole fixation'. This approach uses the Hilti E-Spring to attach big sockets on to the anvil, helping to ensure they stay in position during intense periods of work and helping to reduce the risk of heavy sockets falling and causing a hazard for other workers on the jobsite. The Hilti E-Spring means attaching sockets can be complete quick and safetly, ensuring no downsides in productivity. 

To increase operator productivity, the SIW 9-A22 uses a double hammer gearbox. This new technology increases the tool lifetime and reduces the level of vibrations. Together these combine to help minimise user fatigue and increase the amount of time the tool can be used by a single operator.

As you'd expect, all Hilti cordless tools come with 2 years of wear-and-tear coverage and, if your tool does break, we’ll repair it within 3 days – all at no cost, and giving you peace of mind.

Hilti impact-ready sockets are designed for demanding applications


Hilti ¾” long impact sockets SI-S ¾” - L

¾” long sockets designed for impact wrenches are the universal solution, that gives you enough space within the sockets to drive it on your anchoring and bolting applications.


Hilti ¾” short impact sockets SI-S ¾”

¾” short impact sockets designed for impact wrenches are the perfect trouble shooter when you need to reach into tight spaces where your long sockets cannot reach.

E-Spring (for 3/4" impact socket)

Hilti E-Springs

Only a through-hole fixation ensures big sockets to stay on the anvil, not being a hazard for other workers on the jobsite. With the new Hilti E-Spring, through-hole socket fixation can be done in one step, ensuring no downsides in productivity. 

HUS3-V Checking 1

HUS checking gauge

Lets you quickly check the wear of a HUS screw anchor and indicates whether the screw anchor can be reused. Can be fitted to the SIW 6AT-A22, SIW 22T-A and SIW 9-A-22 cordless impact wrenches