201905 BX-3 BT Applications

Steal back time when fastening on steel

Make the switch to fast, reliable and battery-powered fastening on steel

BX 3-BT extends combustion-free technology to fastening X-BT threaded studs, for a wide variety of grating, bonding and MEP applications.


Suitable for a broad range of base materials

Image of steel sheet metal


Image of stainless steel sheet metal

Stainless steel

Demolation of cast iron

Cast iron

201905 BX-3 BT Applications


Our BX 3-BT is combustion-free and entirely powered by your existing 22V Li-ion batteries.

This means no propellant cartridges to store and dispose, less paperwork and more accessibility for areas where powder tools might be restricted or require hot work permits.

201905 BX-3 BT Applications

Fast and easy

Time savings can be huge compared to traditional methods, like welding, clamping and through-bolting.

Simply drill a small pilot hole, fasten the stud, and check the embedment depth. Drill, fasten, check for fastenings in less than 2 minutes. 

201905 BX-3 BT Applications

No cleaning needed

As the BX 3-BT is battery-powered there are no powder cartridge "boosters", and so no powder residue to clean. 

Therefore, you don't need the cleaning kits, sprays, lubricants and other accessories associated with DX tools and welding equipment.

201905 BX-3 BT Applications

Smart tools

BX 3-BT joins the growing number of Hilti tools that talk to you. Using the tool’s built-in Bluetooth® technology and the Hilti Connect App, you can track the number of fastenings, watch how-to videos, actively troubleshoot for routine maintenance, and even arrange a service or repair directly on the jobsite.

3D image of the BX 3-BT battery-powered fastening tool for threaded studs

Limitations of traditional methods

Traditional methods for fastening on steel can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive:

  • Welding: can mean grinding the coated steel, employing a certified welder, gaining hot work permits and repainting the area afterwards
  • Through bolting: can mean access to both sides of the steel, time-consuming drilling, and small parts such as nuts, washers and bolts that may get dropped or lost
  • Clamping: can require access to both sides of the steel, high material costs and periodic maintenance if the clamp is exposed to vibration

The Hilti advantage

With Hilti X-BT blunt tip fastening you drive a stainless steel fastener into a pre-drilled hole in the steel. This means you maintain the corrosion protection, as there is no damage to the coating. Simply drill a pilot hole, fasten a stud and check the embedment. Drill, fasten, check for fastenings in less than 2 mins.

Unlike welding or through bolting, you do not need to prepare the base material or rework it afterwards. This makes the installation much faster, while providing reliable corrosion protection. Any trained operator can do the work, you do not need a certified welder. You also do not require access to both sides of the steel, like you do with through bolting or clamping, so no fingers in tight spaces.

Until recently, you could only drive the X-BT with a powder-actuated tool like a DX 351-BT. However, the new BX 3-BT is battery-powered, meaning no storing or disposing of powder cartridges and less hot work restrictions.

Compared to powder-actuated tools, the BX 3-BT is more comfortable to use thanks to lower compression force, noise and recoil. Plus, you can make up to 800 fastenings, with just a full charge of your existing Hilti 22V Li-ion batteries.