The Hilti range of 12V cordless drills, screw drivers, and impact drivers.

break boundaries with 12V drill and impact drivers

Work wherever you want, however you want, with Hilti 12V cordless drill and impact drivers

Compact, light, ergonomic and easy to use in tight spots.

The new range of 12 volt cordless drill, hammer drill, impact and screw drivers from Hilti give you portable, versatile, performance for light-duty applications.

Small in size, Low on weight, high on performance

Cordless performance ina small package with 12 volt universal cordless tools

When it comes to 12V drill and impact drivers, compactness, ergonomics and weight are just as important as the performance figures. The new range of cordless drills and impact drivers are small in size, low on weight, high on performance, and give you greater control for light-duty applications in tight spaces or when working overhead.

By answering the need for productivity gains, the new 12V cordless tools are packed with features that offer the speed, torque, ergonomics and runtime letting you complete most often performed light-duty applications.

From brushless motors which provide higher efficiency, an extensive range of bits for drilling, driving and fastening that increase your productivity, to redesigned LED lights which give a wide spot coverage and shadowless view for working, you can quickly finish a variety of tasks in wood, metal, plastic, brick or masonry.

choose the 12 volt cordless tool that's right for you

SF 2-A12

SF 2-A12

Subcompact-class cordless 12V drill driver with brushless motor and 10 mm keyless chuck for when you need access, low weight and precise control.

SF 2H-A12

SF 2H-A12

Subcompact-class cordless 12V hammer drill driver including a brushless motor and 10 mm keyless chuck for working with masonry and brick or performing installations.

SFD 2-A12

SFD 2-A12

Subcompact-class cordless 12V screw driver with brushless motor and 1/4" hexagonal chuck offering compactness and fine torque control.

SID 2-A12

SID 2-A12

Subcompact-class cordless 12V impact driver with brushless motor and 1/4" hexagonal chuck with a low weight that does not sacrifice high torque.

The new SF 2-A12 and SF 2H-A12 give you compact control to go anywhere

Compact control you can take anywhere

The SF 2-A12 and SF 2H-A12 offer high performance drilling and hammer drilling in a small package

With a new, more compact size and reduced weight, the next generation of Hilti SF 2-A12 cordless drill driver and SF 2H-A12 cordless hammer drill driver offer a high performance solution for working in cramped or hard-to-reach spaces.

The redesigned LED lights give a shadowless view of where your working area, while the brushless motor helps to keep the tools more compact while delivering a powerful 1600 rpm drilling speed and 34 Nm hard joint torque.

The SFD 2-A12 lets you reach new limits

Reach new limits with compact comfort

The SFD 2-A12 screw driver for when you need compactness and fine torque control

Compact, lightweight and with a powerful brushless motor, the SFD 2-A12 cordless screw driver includes new LED lighting and upgraded ergonomics that make it ideal for working in cramped or hard-to-reach spaces.

With a 12V battery and new grip design, it fits firmly in your grasp for more comfortable handling. This helps to give you precise control, and makes it ideal for applications such as installing electrical switches, sockets, pipe rings and other equipment, driving screws of up to 6 mm diameter in wood and self-tapping screws of up to 4.8mm in diameter in to metal.

The SID 2-A12 helps to unlock your potential

Break new barriers and unlock potential

The SID 2-A12 helps unlock your potential and deliver big performance in a compact body

Offering the kind of performance you would expect from a larger tool, the new brushless motor in the SID 2-A12 gives you a powerful 2750 rpm drilling speed and up to 170 Nm rated torque, despite the minimized tool size and weight.

So if you're driving self-drilling screws into metal, HUS 3 anchors with a short embedment depth or HRD frame anchors of up to 8 mm diameter in to masonry and concrete, you'll not be dissapointed by the comfortable handling, ergonomics and improved control.


The new range of 12V batteries can improve your performance

Less charging, more runtime

Advanced B12 lithium-ion batteries that power your cordless performance

The perfect partner to your 12V universal cordless tools, the B12 2.6 and new B12 4.0 Cordless Power Care (CPC) lithium-ion batteries provide enough power to keep you going through multiple applications, without wearing you out.

What's more, the B12 4.0 uses new, high power 21700 cells and an advanced cell management system in the robust casing which results in an increase in the energy storage capacity and provides a higher power output, increasing runtime and reducing number of recharges.

The result? More work-per-charge, less downtime and higher productivity.