new HSL 4 wedge anchor
new HSL 4 wedge anchor

New Hsl4

Most versatile and high-performance mechanical solution

Our mechanical anchor portfolio will become even more comprehensive this year with the arrival of the new HSL4. It will make design easier in Profis Engineering with better edge and space conditions and certifications for all dynamic loads. HSL4 is already available in Profis Engineering for you to start your design now.

Fire resistance and ETA


Seismic ETA-C1, C2

Fatigue ETA


Profis Engineering suite

A complete software solution for designing steel to concrete connections

You can already use the new HSL4 within your calculation using Profis Engineering maximizing your productivity while designing your base plate.

Several head configurations





Installation quality assured with hilti


HSL4-B (safety-cap version) entirely removes any concern on installation with its red cap which snaps off at the right torque. Simple visual inspection: no more red cap = good installation.

Productive and safe

HSL4 is approved with ETA for installation with Adaptive torque module SI-AT-A22 for M8 to M16.

Adaptive torque module assures that the right torque moment is applied to the anchor and provides documentation recording the correct installation of each fastening point. No inspection needed.

Hilti Adaptive torque module SI-AT-A22