User identification and password protection

Hilti user identification and passwords shall be maintained as personal and confidential. You may also use Apple`s Touch ID for user identification according to Apple`s guidelines and recommendations being made available by Apple from time to time. Please note, in such case Your fingerprint data is encrypted, stored on Your device only, and protected with a key available only to the Secure Enclave. Your fingerprint data is used only by the Secure Enclave to verify that your fingerprint matches the enrolled fingerprint data. It can’t be accessed by the OS on Your device or by any applications running on it. It's never stored on Apple servers, it's never backed up to iCloud or anywhere else, and it can't be used to match against other fingerprint databases.

Transferring or sharing Your assigned user identification and password information is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this prohibition shall result in immediate termination of access to the Hilti web site as well as liability to Hilti for all damages resulting from such breach. It is your sole responsibility to protect the activating password from unauthorized use. You will be responsible for any changes to your user identification and password.