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Hot-dip galvanized (HDG) connector for fastening pipe shoes to MI girders for heavy-duty applications with expansion

Features & Applications

  • Pipe shoe support free to move in one direction
  • Fully adjustable
  • Spacer plates permit use of pipe supports with base plates of greater thickness
  • Pipe shoe can move freely in one axis
  • Quicker and easier creation of light-duty fixed points in conjunction with pipe supports
  • Part of a modular four-part system for supporting cable trays, pipes and miscellaneous secondary steel
  • Industrial and heavy commercial applications, eliminating the need for welding
  • Adapter components for pipe support clamping systems
  • Recommended for use in moderately corrosive outdoor and indoor environments
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Item number MI-girder Type Packaging unit Price / Unit Quantity
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ILS 584.11 / 4 each
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ILS 57.29 / 5 each
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ILS 83.09 / 5 each
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ILS 604.68 / 4 each
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