Batteries for Cordless Tools

Show me powerful, long-lasting and robust batteries, designed to fit our cordless tools perfectly

Show me powerful, long-lasting and robust batteries, designed to fit our cordless tools perfectly
B 22-85 Nuron battery Versatile 22V Li-ion battery with optimal balance of weight, power and run time for use with Nuron power tools
B 22-110 Nuron battery Longer-lasting 22V Li-ion battery with extended run time and higher power output for use with Nuron power tools
B 22-170 Nuron battery Ultimate 22V Li-ion battery built to boost the performance and run time of heavy-duty Nuron power tools
B 22-255 Nuron battery Top-performance 22V Li-ion battery to maximize the output and run time of heavy-duty Nuron hammer drilling and cutting tools
Advanced Lithium-ion batteries for more power and productivity

Power up your cordless tasks

Advanced Lithium-ion batteries for more power and productivity

Benefit from the latest addition to our 12V, 22V and 36V cordless battery portfolios – the single 22V Nuron platform. Nuron battery packs deliver more run time and compatibility than ever for all your jobs from light to heavy duty.

Discover the Nuron 22V battery difference

More work-per-charge

Get the performance of corded, gas, 36V and higher but with the weight, balance and ergonomics of a 22V platform so that you can keep working comfortably all day long. 

Single platform convenience

Perform all your jobs on the same high-performing 22V Nuron platform. Use the same set of interchangeable batteries for around 70 tools from drill drivers to demolition hammers.


Durable design

Fully sealed electronics help keep out water, dust and other contaminants while external bumpers and fiber-glass housing provide superior drop protection.

Worker cutting metal pipes with DSH 600-22 with abrasive blade and B 22-170

Replace corded and gas

One cordless platform for all your tools

Nuron delivers more run time and up to twice the power of equivalent 18V and 20V cordless platforms for tough, repetitive applications. It also provides up to 4 times the power of other Hilti 22V batteries – and more power than our 36V system or even corded and gas tools.   


Nuron portfolio of all 5 batteries and 2 chargers in a warehouse / tool crib

A battery for every job

Get the balance of size, weight and performance you need

Need a need compact battery for more comfort when working in hard-to-reach locations? Looking for a battery that delivers the sort of power and runtime for heavy duty-tasks such as drilling into concrete and cutting steel pipes? Whatever your requirements, there's a Nuron battery to suit you.

Choose the Nuron battery for your task

B22-55 Nuron battery

Compact for when you need to keep your power tools as light and maneuverable as possible

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B22-85 Nuron battery

Versatile battery with the optimum power-to-weight ratio for everyday drilling, driving and cutting 

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B22-170 Nuron battery

High-capacity and high-power battery equipped to maximize your work-per-charge  

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B22-255 Nuron battery

Extra high-capacity battery for demanding SDS Max hammer drilling, cutting or demolition work

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Break concrete not batteries

Durable design for the most challenging jobsites

Nuron batteries feature glass fiber housing and shock-absorbing external bumpers for superior drop protection. You also benefit from sealed electronics to help protect the battery against common contaminants such as dust, humidity and moisture.