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  • What are the post-installed rebars and what is the regulatory framework?
  • What is the difference between anchor design and rebar design? 
  • Which are the applications covered, and which are the compliant design methods? 

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The connections between to concrete elements casted at different time are only a part of your daily job, but they are very important to guarantee safety and reliabity at your project. To help you to be more efficient and to optimise the process of definition of the connection, we designed a specific course about post-installed rebar design.

This course begins with providing the basic info of these connections, defining the different applications and the different design methods allowed by the regulations, to get to find safe and compliant solutions. The content has been prepared by Hilti experts and it's available via E-Learning free of charge.

These modules will help you to understand how to optmise the design of the post-installed rebars!


The course "Post-installed Rebar Engineering Training" can help you to find optmise and code compliant solutions for your concrete to concrete applications

The course provides strong basis on understanding how to calculate concrete to concrete connections.

The course will bring you the following benefits:

  • An updated overview on the most recent regulations and the implications on designing these connections
  • The knowledge of the different categories of applications and design methods
  • The knowledge of the design methods included in EC2, TR069 and Hilti Method, available in PROFIS Engineering
  • Furthermore you'll get a course certificate


Concrete to concrete regulatory framework

Concrete to concrete regulatory framework

An overview of the guidlines and codes to design these types of connections with post-installed rebards. .

Details on how the regulatory bodies work togegher and on how the products get approved.

Concrete to concrete connections basics

Concrete to concrete connections basics

A decription of the basic principles and factors that usually determine the performance for these connections.

Furthermore, it provides explanation on how to specify correctly the post-installed concrete to concrete connections.

DX 5 F8

Rebar Lap Splice design

It shows which are the design principles for the extension of a concrete element with lap splices.

It examines challanges and design issues, providing a way on how the designer can calculate these solutions correctly.

Rebar End Anchorage design

Rebar End Anchorage design

Analises the design principles for adding a new concrete element to an existing one. In particular it will deep dive to the very common case where the junction is done with the ancorage of a post-install rebar without lap splices, calling this configuration "end anchorage". It examines challanges and design issues, providing a way on how the deisnger can calculate these solutions correctly.