The best rotary hammer we ever made now on our broadest platform!

Find out why Hilti's new TE 6-A22 is one of the best SDS rotary hammers available

What our customers say about the TE 6-A22

For its size, the power is simply unbelievable.

“It was just bursting through bricks like there's no tomorrow. With the 5.2 Ah battery I use it constantly and it holds half the shift, which is brilliant” 


Jamie, England

Find out why the TE 6-A22 is the first choice for many applications

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Ideal for general construction jobsites

Use the TE 6-A22 to install scaffolding on jobsites, fasten formwork or benefit from the chisel function to clean concrete drops from floors and walls.

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Perfect for steel and metal applications

Perfect for medium-heavy steel applications such as metal stairs, covering, profiles or big fences thanks to its performance. Low weight and longer operation per battery charge.

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Easy to use for mechanical and electrical installations

The TE 6-A22 is also great for drilling holes for heavy installation systems. The chipping function helps to remove tiles or clean a surface or to chip concrete for electric channels.

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Light and powerful when installing elevators

Light, powerful and versatile: the TE 6-A22 is great for installing elevator guide channels. On top: one of the tool's optional features is the Hilti DRS Dust Removal Systemwhich provides a nearly dust-free working environment.

How we built your new rotary hammer

Choose the best battery for your application

The B22 3.0 Ah battery for fast drilling with less weight

Best in class speed and reach at less weight.

Ideal for the following applications:

  • Mechanical and electrical installations: anchor holes of 12-16mm for setting drop-in anchors to fasten pipes for heating, sanitary, water, HVAC.
  • Steel and metal installations: non-serial anchor setting for fixing handrail, window frames, fences.

The B22 5.2 Ah battery for fast drilling and with a longer lasting charge

Best in class and holds a charge up to 60% longer.

Ideal for the following applications:

  • General construction: drilling holes for formwork and scaffolding. Chipping for wall cleaning.
  • Steel and metal installations: Serial anchor setting for fixing handrails, window frames, large fences.