Safety and reliability of load capacity of fastening solutions

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The load capacity of a fastening solution (anchor or rebar) is often not determinable if the base material is not sufficiently well known. E.g. masonry, concrete or rock with no available, reliable technical data.
On-site testing provides the basis to determine the suitability of a fastening solution and to calculate the design resistance in the base material at hand.

Hilti provides a professional on-site testing engineering service. Test execution on-site and analysis of results by trained Hilti employees. Hilti on-site testing is performed with accurate, regularly calibrated test equipment in your presence to achieve reliable and reproducible results.
The customer receives a test report and if required a test evaluation report.


  • Understand the suitability of a fastening solution in unknown base material based on reliable facts in order to improve confidence in executed fastening solutions
  • Test execution with accurate, regularly calibrated Hilti test equipment, including accessories, which allow adapting the testing procedure to individual requirements
  • Tester portfolio cover light, medium and heavy duty applications
  • Load and displacement measurement reported in the documentation, as reference for yourself or third parties
  • Load capability evaluation based on test results is available as additional service
  • Service conductors are thoroughly trained on tests execution

If you are interested in this service, please fill out the following information form.

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