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Galvanized products

For protection in low-corrosive environments, choose from galvanized channel systems, base connectors, pipe rings and more

Light-duty channel system (MM)
Light-duty channel system for the installation of pipe supports
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Medium-duty channel system (MQ)
Medium-duty channel systems for the installation of pipe supports, ventilation ducts and cable trays. Designed specifically for greater flexibility and ease-of-use
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Galvanized Steel Pipe Clamps
Assorted galvanized pipe clamps for a wide range of different applications in heating, plumbing, wastewater, air conditioning and refrigeration
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Fixed points & sliders
Galvanized fixed points, sliders and slide guides for pipe systems in heating or refrigeration applications – for flexible installation of pipes exposed to temperature changes
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Base connectors
Base plates, steel clamps and hangers with a galvanized surface finish for fastening to concrete, masonry, steel beams, metal roof decks and more
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Ventilation Solutions
Modular support systems for a wide range of ventilation applications. Specially designed for greater flexibility and improved acoustic insulation
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Sprinkler solutions
Optimized and approved solutions for installing sprinkler systems, comprised of a wide range of modular support systems, pipe rings and loop hangers
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Seismic solutions
Hilti bracing systems for a vast ranged of mechanical and electrical applications in seismic areas.
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Galvanized hardware
Galvanized threaded rod, bolts, hex nuts, washers, coupling nuts, etc. for assembling modular support systems in dry, indoor environments
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