Hilti Screw & Nail Selector

It's easy to choose nails and screws with the App.

Immediately find the most suitable nails and screws for the work you need to do. The nail and screw selector app quickly guides your choice of the best solution and prepares the order for an online purchase. Saving you time and making sure you use the appropriate fasteners.

Discover the best solution for you.

It's easy

  • Select your work sector;
  • Select the application required, the base material, the material to be fastened and its thickness;
  • Define the fastening system specifications;
  • Choose from the suggested solutions;
  • Consult the sheet with detailed description of the selected product;
  • Look at the related products;
  • Buy online.

If you're a gypsum board installer, the nail and screw Selector App even lets you calculate which product is the best to use: individual or collated screws.