Hilti Resin Volume Calculator

Use the App to calculate the amount of adhesive anchor.

App Calcolo del volume della resina

How much adhesive anchor do you need for chemical anchors? Simple: the answer is at your fingertips. Use the chemical anchor calculation app to quickly define the amount of adhesive anchor necessary both at the design stage and during installation. No more waste. The chemical anchor calculation software helps you to precisely estimate your consumption and to make savings, by reducing waste.

You can use the app to set:

  • the application (anchor systems on concrete, solid or hollow masonry);
  • the type of adhesive anchor to be used;
  • the type of bar;
  • the diameter of the anchor;
  • the embedment depth;
  • the hole diameter;
  • the type of filling (hole completely filled, normally or 2/3);
  • the size and length of the most suitable mesh sleeve for application in hollow masonry.