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Extractor ring DD-EX NX 40


מספר פריט 415107

יחידות באריזה: 1 יח' Diameter: 40 mm
Extractor ring DD-EX NX 40
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Price/ Item: Discounted net 822.98 ILS / 1 כל אחד
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  • חומר בסיס:  Concrete (all types)
  • קצה החיבור:  BS (1-1/4")
  • Diameter:  40 mm
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תכונות ויישומים

  • Simple and reliable removal of the drilling core
  • Suitable to remove the core in concrete and natural stone drilling
  • Flexible and modular system
  • Easy removal of the core, especially in vertical drilling applications
  • Core catcher ring to use in wet and dry coring
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