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6.8/11 M10

Collated Clean-Tec cartridges for use with powder actuated nailers

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  • Free of lead and other heavy metals
  • Greater efficiency – numbered strips help to ensure that no cartridges are wasted
  • Easier disposal – used strips can be disposed of with regular waste
  • Part of the Hilti DX range of high-performance, reliable and versatile powder actuated fastening solutions
  • Hilti cartridges are designed specifically for use with Hilti powder actuated tools as part of a matched-tolerance system
  • Powder actuated fastening on steel, concrete and sand-lime block
  • For use with the DX 5, DX 2, DX 460, DX 462, DX 351, DX 450, DX 36, DX A40 and DX A41 fastening tools
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